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I'am a bit reviewer... i'ts all :/


3 votes
Nintendo Games Consoles (Top) (16 items)
Game list by majikali
Published 8 years, 2 months ago 1 comment
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Favorite games (3 items)
Game list by majikali
Last updated 8 years, 2 months ago
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Mario games (139 items)
Game list by majikali
Published 8 years, 2 months ago
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The deceptions of the Animation (9 items)
Tv list by majikali
Last updated 8 years, 2 months ago
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Adventure time main characters (8 items)
list by majikali
Published 8 years, 2 months ago

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1- The problem ''Solverz'' | MiniReview | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 25 November 2015 04:00 (A review of The Problem Solverz)

I'm here only for say, this is te worst show of the history of 2010, fanboy and chum chum is 10000 times best than this derp

And please ¿What the hell is the brown guy? ¿Poop?

The animation is to vomit, just looking at a picture and these dying, the script is horrendous, horrendous as a condom, and if you try to refer to something horribly makes the point that not even seem to this reference to something, funds ... animators believe that things need funds that the only funds I see there's nothing built, are just colorful backgrounds, and unless something does not happen again like this shall break not to CHARA

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2- Spongebob down and up | comment | majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 25 November 2015 02:52 (A review of SpongeBob SquarePants)

Sponge Bob Square Pants is one of the most important shows of 2000, certainly a prestige gold, the 2004 movie would end the series would, however, forced nick Sthepen Hillenburg and his old group of writers to do more seasons The success of this, and that raised 164 million the movie, all this fight led to the resignation of equipment Square Pants, however, Paul Tibbit was one of the only ones left on the team, Paul was the most important of which left and decided to be the director of this series, however, in the 5th season all took a nosedive, tell all the errors in this current show:

1: Flanderization: For who do not know the flanderizacion is something that happens to all that take place after six years or more in production famous series, the series is very famous writer before or resignation and writer exaggerates the personalities of the characters to the point of being obnoxious

Sponge Bob went from being an innocent and hardworking person, one of the best characters to an annoying delayed
Patricio was once a very funny retardation that was needed to tubiera the magic show, now is a very dangerous and exasperating moron
Mr. Krabs before if it was something stingy, now prefer this type 1 cent to his daughter or the health of their workers
Squidward went from being bitter and sarcastic, and bitter in the extreme, to the point that they want to kill SpongeBob
Plantonk went from being an evil genius obsessed with more silly buffoon plans a garbage bag
Sandy went from being karate teacher and worrying about their friends, to a mad scientist, day and night alone makes scientific things using your friends
as guinea pigs

Very bad ¿No?

2: slow or nonexistent Jokes bob In today if they want to make a joke, can be somewhat effective, they ruin with how slow they are, to be nonexistent, and no quick joke is good and they are worse

3: Funny low to be grotesque, also translated to be a wannabi Ren & Stimpy: The central focus of all the jokes were before FUNNY, sometimes grotesque, I accept, but now all the jokes are grotesque and satanic, love the satanic humor, funny in many series, but in a show that was not so is very uncomfortable, and more if they do the wrong way, in Ren and Stimpy at least the grotesque image made sense with what is happening, here happen because Yes, everyone hates their lives and treated badly between each other

Despite this return Hillenburg it shows new episodes and the movie, and if the season 10 does well, you can earn a 7 in my rate and can block something bad that hiso the series, but you are doing for now he deserves June 1

I am majikali and see us next time.

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4- Sonic Boom Animated Series | Review | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 23 November 2015 03:55 (A review of Sonic Boom)

Sonic Boom, after 10 years without sonic on TV again with Sonic Boom! 6th series of Sonic and undoubtedly one of the worst of it, desplazemos your game is bad which speak of him in my previous post, now the plot will not faithful to his game, it seems a good point that the story of the game was very loose, let it point by point

Plot: Follow the adventures of Sonic and his friends trying to live life as stop the evil plans of Dr. Eggman, or so says Wikipedia, is not an episodic series but also has '' weekly Enemies ''

Script: The script is not smart, normally you jokes that can hit hard ... or not, the jokes can be effective with a somewhat weak but in the end script is a good script. 7/10 (3.5 Influence points)

Animation: The CGI animation in the cartoon has a good character design and a good palette of colors and backgrounds, some lens moves to the point of calling limited animation but handles decently. 6/10 (Influence 2 points)

Pros and cons: Pros: The jokes well done stick strong personality is well done, sympathetic, dimensional characters. Cons: Enemies pathetic, unsatisfactory conclusions and a bad format. (0.5 influence points)

Conclusion Is it a recommended series? Maybe, but you can see some episodies.

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3- Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric | Review | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 23 November 2015 02:58 (A review of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric)

Sonic Boom is a game in 2014 (I think) not produced by Sega and Sonic Team, but by some amateur called Big Red Button, the idea in 2010 sounded incredible and could be the explosion Sega (Do you understand? New Boom! Ja ! ... ha ha ......) Anyway, when the game started being developed in 2011 all were supporting, but in the period of three years gradually got worse during development Rise of Lyric were many delays and problems in studies of Big Red Button as layoffs and resignations of workers which seriously affect the final product, so that production is left in the hands of Bob Rafei in recent weeks, Sonic Boom Ryse of Lyric was heavily criticized and belittled by the gaming community and experts in video games because a lot of factors such as problems in controls, audio failures visual, a rate of very low frame among others, as you can see, the reception was Horrible among both new and experienced players, how step?

I understand that when a game is no delay in the game, the final product is not as good, but not only Sonic Boom was not as expected, if not, that is, TERRIBLE, I give you reasons because it was very bad

1.Amateur Studio: Big red button is an amateur empreza, was on the verge of bankruptcy, but for some reason Sega will pay for the game, note that laziness had to make another game right?

2.Controls: The controls that were chosen are uncomfortable and can constantly fail and a lot of failures in the movement and reaction of the characters

3.Bug / Lag: The study did retraces the people who tested the game would be fired, developers tried to replace his work, unfortunately did not have experience, testers tried to make all sorts of combinations to find bugs and things, the developers did not know how one could discover and felt they had to spend the entire game and try things to see if hacerunas had errors.

4.History: I can not describe it's a very loose story! Best finish this review

Now we know a little more on how bad this game, it is a complete disappointment, but Sega is never as reliable, always we remember the 2000s where they had good games, now may surprise as colors sonic, but certainly 90- 2000 were better. I am Majikali and see you soon

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1- Rat Kids Why on minecraft? | Opinion | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 23 November 2015 01:31 (A review of Minecraft)

Ok, before I say something, as we now say in the title first, clarify that this article is not a review, but a comment, no more, let, rat What is a child? Many who begin to experience this game or other online MMO or MMORPG games, or simply because they are ignorant think something so stupid as '' Who likes vegetta or willyrex '' or '' By playing minecraft '' No, actually means a child when playing online go crazy and insults the person who will go through to the next may be some youtuber fans, however, is correct when he insults the person who does not like her idol, now I will discuss what I must comment, I think of these in minecraft?

These phenomena like you can find it at the wrong time, you can do anything with, is how to use dudu magic if you know how to handle it, you can go wrong and only receive their hatred, just as you insurtarlo, for my both They are poor choices, which prefer to ignore even you feel so much hate.

But I think I'm not in the subject, not only is that a rat is rude, it is also rude, normally play games like GTA or call of duty just for the sake of killing, of this behavior, do not misunderstand me, These are good games, but the rat children desaprobechan full potential of the game to be reduced to a simple kill-people, however from a part of the fault comes from parents, then they complain about how rude their children, if they knew the influential games first, but I think this happens because they think that your child control him.

As for youtubers ... emmm ... never understand its prestige, is said to repeatedly reach his fans to see him die alone, especially Vegetta777, rat children be made to defend with all kinds of insults, to fanaticism it is so great that pose as a relative of the Youtuber

The rat children will never fit into this game, this game was never a genre for rats, is not a kill-game, it is not rude games, are fun games that can become creative, are complex, but i think are there only by the fact that his idol play the game

What do you think? that will be in minecraft? Please tell me in the comments.

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2- Minecraft | Review | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 22 November 2015 06:18 (A review of Minecraft)

Minecraft is the most important of the century alone game, no plot, sobvrevivir made this game a life, may seem monotonous but the game carries a lot of objects and functions, criticare every point and give a verdict on each mode

Survival: In this mode must survive an unknown world, go expanding, whatever, the possibilities are limitless! is so bad things that can be done, is that the good and bad at the same time point, I mean, the COMBINATIONS and materials are very difficult to get to finish after not knowing what to do or how to do it, verdict: 9 / 10

Creative: You can do what you want is just what the hell you want, with that I built the village City :D, it is a way that was made at the request of a peaceful union, they asked Mojang to make it less complex for their children with little mind was so successful that launched international form, verdict: 8/10

Multiplayer: Play with all people of the world more creative minigames minecraft seen, use a lot of other plugins and effort, are entertaining and can prefer this more than the survival on occasion, verdict: 9/10

In conclusion Minecraft is one of my favorite games, is very well done and prestige it deserves, it would be the only bad but good graphics game covers it with ease, this game consider it a '' game Rat '' by rats children playing in the game world, I am against because only that there are many children who have difficulty socializing in minecraft not mean '' if you're playing rat '' I applaud Notch and Mojang this legendary game

Final verdict:

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1-Undertale | Review | Majikali

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 22 November 2015 05:19 (A review of Undertale)

Undertale is a game with many things to talk about has a lot of features that make it a unique game that will remain ever seen surprising for years until I dare say a decade should talk a little about his 6 features:

1. History seems simplistic at first but gradually discover many things, including Chara
2. Mechanical: Unlike RPG as shit was Dragon Quest uses an incredible mechanics, that is perhaps in the RPG was something strategic but monotonous, here you take away a bit so strategic to play like a game that is not RPG
3. Message: OH MY GOD Who knew? A message Excellent! Finally! The message also parodies other rpg ls, things are not resolved FIGHTING
4. Feature: It is full of parodies the RPG! My personal favorites are the one who will not let you sell old used sticks and you're going to a hotel and go to sleep, you wake up and the owner says you look like again, although estubiste 2 minutes! Defies absurd logic of video games!
5. Easter Eggs: Just look at it, there are plenty
6. CONSEQUENCES: It's not what you're thinking, the game has mechanical to know you do at all times and reset, I'll give an example SPOILERS care has Kill Toriel either accidentally or not, restart from your save point and not you kill, you will chat with flowey AND DAUGHTER OF GOD KNOWS THAT KILLED FIRST, this game is aware of every step, be careful

If I'm so tarry forever, I do not find errors, it is technically perfect and could say that it is worth spending 10 dollars on it.
Highly recommended.

I punck Alaska on the face and i put the final veredict:

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